Installed Windows 7 On Wrong Drive

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Found 6th Aug 2010
Well basically my sister had a virus on her netbook, i recovered it onto another drive,
but then there were 2 windows 7s at the start up so i chose the bottom one and then it was the one with the virus so i finally got rid of the virus and it still has all my sisters files on it, how do i make the one with the one that i removed the virus just come up independantly so i dont need to chose which windows 7 to boot up first,
( i know im a n00b at pcs lol)
edit: Now basically when i turn on the netbook it will show windows 7, windows 7 and asks me which one to choose, when i go on to the one that had a virus it shows it as normally but the recovery drives mising as i accidently reinstalled windows 7 onto the recover drive.
and when i go onto the other one its freshly installed and has all 3 drives but it has recovery and the memorys close to full, anyway how to make it the recovery drive show up back onto the original user and make only one windows 7 appear at start up?
The 3 Drives: Ones a Recovery one, The other 2 are the systems as i partition it so theres 2 so i dont need to recover anything

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brawl , you sort of seem to know what your doing but i would really not of attempted this fix with this little knowledge

if you want just one startup. format the drive (deleting both partitions with windows and ALL FILES) from within the windows cd install disk.

as above i don t suggest keeping either current installs, viruses are made to spawn everywhere including usb drives... just start a fresh
if thats what you are asking.
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