Installing a fireward card?

    Just received my Dazzle DV Editor and thought it would be easier than it is - what's my best route - to take my pc unit to PC World to install the new firewall card for me?


    What is the problem? Normally, you just slide it in free PCI slot (when PC is OFF), turn PC on and wait for Windows to ask for drivers.

    Do it yourself, it is quite easy and they will charge you through the back teeth...

    Open the side of the case, check there are slots as such:

    (The Three Long Ones)

    Then, when you get the card, insert it into one of these. You may need to detach a blanking plate first from the case in order for the card to fit in.

    Once it is in, boot and if you're using Windows XP, it will usually just install itself.

    [SIZE="7"]dont[/SIZE] take it to pc world they will rip you off

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    It was the opening the side of the case that made me nervous

    Don't worry about it - just touch something earthed to discharge static as a precaution and go for it. PCWorld love people not liking taking Pcs apart - they make a fortune doing 30 second jobs like this.
    If your that nervous perhaps one of us is close enough to you to come and do it for you?


    It was the opening the side of the case that made me nervous

    It's nothing...

    Just don't leave the power switched on (although do leave the mains cable plugged in and switch off the socket, for earthing).

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    Thanks for the advice - I'll let you know how I get on when I gain confidence to do it!

    If there is no power switch on Power Supply unit (at the rear), then disconnect power (pull cable) off computer completely, otherwise the board will still be powered.

    Its a 1 minute job, You can't really go wrong!

    You could always post a picture of the inside of your computer if you are still unsure at which slot it needs to go in!

    I take it this is a firewire card?

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    yes, sorry, a firewire card
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