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how hard is it to install a new hard drive into a pc? i've been thinking about buying a new hdd as mine is getting quite full, i was just going to buy an external one, but it seems you can get alot more for you money if you buy an internal one.

im not a complete idiot when it comes to be computers but his will be my first attempt at installing anything other than ram in a laptop

any help from those tech savvy users out there would be much much appreciated, so would recommendations for manufacturers and sites etc



Once you open the case you will probably think "Blimey the components are pretty much plug and play" Most components and connectors only go one way round and only fit one device so a bit of gentle trial and error and you should have no problem.

A really good in-depth guide I have referred people to before:…ep/

Hope this helps,

I was just about to suggest the same article as did

Another a little less indepth article is :…eps

Its not hard to do if you are familar with computers if not I would suggest reading these articles and/or if you know anyone that could give you a hand.

Good luck

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i think it helped thanks mate, how would i know if i had a SATA drive or an IDE one, can this be done without opening the case. is it possible to find out what hdd i need, similar to the things on the internet that tell you what ram will work best?

Either go into 'My Computer' and right-click your C drive, go to Properties and get teh model number listed for the hard drive. Then Google that and see if it's IDE or SATA.

To get more precise system info then use something like Everest Home 2.0…tml and that will give you very detailed info on everything. If you just want RAM info then use the Crucial upgrade advisor tool on their website…Kuk

If you know the motherboard details then you can do it that way or just let the scanner do it automatically! You don't need to buy Crucial RAM, but it would tell you the speed, etc that you could use in an upgrade so you can look at other brands too.

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will do, dont worry i'll let you guys know if i need anymore help

It's really easy, worth doing, 500gb I would reccommend then you can backup some data.
You just screw it in and then put the correct cables on.... then basically follow a tutorial on a website to format it.
I put my new one in last night.

You do get a lot more for your money, but I think externals are better, especially if you have more than one computer.
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