Posted 15th Jun 2021
Morning all, its probably a strange question to ask here but if anyone knows the answer that would be great.

My back garden has a steep slop, probably about 4 foot from highest point to lowest and I've put a 12 by 8 trampoline on that side.

I've read online the best way to do it which is what I've done and built a trench in the highest point to level it out. Obviously the trench is quite deep but there is loads of jump space underneath when the kids are on it.

My main question is.... with the trampoline legs being in the trench, is it best to put the soil back into it or will that damage the legs? Should I leave the soil out but risk it filling up with rain water and rusting the legs even more?

I thought as it's on a slop, if I put the soil back in, the water will just run to the back of the garden anyway, but if I leave it as a trench the rain water will just start flooding it.

Should I put shingle or something down there first and then soil on top. I really do not know what's the best option so if anyone could help I really would be much appreciated.

Thanks again everyone.
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