Installing El Capitan on latest VMWare under Windows 10

    As title, how? I've tried creating a bootable USB using TransMac but it didn't work, tried several other methods, but surely there has to be an easier way.

    Tried most, if not all of the methods I could search for on Google, including one which had me download a file that changes a drop down option in VMWare to enable booting from an ISO of El Capitan.

    Any one care to walk me through it?



    According to this link…nAU you have to have VMware installed and do it from El Captain OS itself. See how it goes and let me know if it works.

    done this myself only last week...a bit of trial and error but the thread linked below definitely works, downside is you will need access to a Mac to download the El Capitan installer from Mac app store and create a modified image.or I guess you could get the installer from "other sources" but you'll still need access to a Mac to run the script that creates the modified El Capitan install DMG.…e-1

    follow the guide in post one using the media creation script in post 2
    If you don't have access to a Mac it can also be done by obtaining and installing Mountain Lion (this will boot and install in a virtual environment using the stock installer ISO) and then downloading and modifying the El Capitan installer using the working Mountain Lion Virtual machine.

    I have El Capitan running in ESXi 6 on a Win 2012 R2 server

    All of the above is only legal remember if you actually own a Mac as this gives you the OS license. and you can only legally use your real Mac or the Virtual Mac at any one time.
    (just to clear up and piracy concerns ;-) )

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    No access to a Mac so I guess I'll give the Mountain Lion method a try. Cheers for the input.

    Original Poster Banned

    Still having trouble even after following the guide word for word.

    Fails to find the boot media even though I'm using the converted dmg > ISO

    Meh, feck it.
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