Installing motherboard,a few bits of advice needed

    I worked out where cables go, but turn on and no power, will post some pics to show if I have done it right!


    which pc you building?

    The main power cable can only go in one place but is the other 4 socket 12v cable in.
    For if you have no power either you have not connected these two or your PSU is dead

    As tonyd19565 said, have you got a power cable going into this kind of socket on your motherboard?

    Are you sure you have the power switch cable on the right header on the motherboard? There are usually several pins grouped together (Power switch, reset switch, hard drive led etc) and it could be that you have not connected the power switch to the correct pins.

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    Yep that was problem, had the power sw and power led cable in wrong socket in mobo.

    All works now except one of the LED's on front wont come on and the 2 USB sockets on front dont work.

    Rest works great.

    Done that myself plenty of times

    Although the USB ports leads may well be plugged in correctly, you may have to go into the bios to make sure that all of your USB ports are activated. On some motherboards you can choose between 4, 6 and 8 usb ports to be active. If not then its a case of making sure the cables are on the correct headers (for example make sure the cable is not connected to the firewire headers (they look the same as the USB headers).

    As for the LED's, they do have positive and negative terminals, so as long as you are sure you have the sockets on the right headers, turn the sockets around and try again.

    You will get there eventually.

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    Good point, I just noticed 2 side by side pin sockets, one had USB1 one had USB2, and I plugged them in without looking.

    As for bios I know they are on as I took this mobo out of another case where the 2 front usb ports worked.

    Will try again in a few days as Im already late for bed(have to be up at 7.30am as have to leave for college at 8am!)
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