Installing O2 Broadband

    Hi everyone,

    I have just switched from Virgin to O2 broadband.
    The new phone line is ok, i've checked, but i keep getting an error message when trying to set it all up saying 'Cannot connect PC to Router box'.

    I have tried pulling out and plugging all leads in, im sure they're all in the right place as the CD guides you through it all, it just won't connect.

    Everything seems to be working and i've tried disabling firewalls and antivirus etc to no avail!

    Any suggestions please???


    call 02 they open 24/7 and have great customer services

    got the same problem recived my box on friday does the same thing if you find any solution please give me a shout! manged to use a old wirless box so i got broadband but would like the new one to work.
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