Installing official xbox harddrive onto a core xbox 360

    I have a harddrive from my dead Premium console - and will be getting an old core console - without a HD.

    Can I install my Premium HD into the Core system?

    If anyone has a guide link that would be great...


    Yes you can, no worries.

    Most you'll have to do is clean the cashe on the old one, (have to hold certian keys on 360, tells you how on, can't link as in work)
    but probally wont even have to do this.

    to clear the cache on your puter, just hold the A (green) button in on the controller when your 360 is powering up

    just click it in and away you go. never done any clearing of the cache when i put my old prmium 20 gig hard drive on my replacement arcade.

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    Remove your hard drive
    1. Turn off your console.
    2. Press the release tab on the front of the hard drive, and then lift the unit from the console.

    Back to the top
    Attach your hard drive
    1. Turn off your console.
    2. Remove the hard drive bay cover from your console.
    3. Position the hard drive over the hard drive bay with the narrow end (the front) pointed toward the front of the console and the broad end (the back) pointed toward the back of the console.
    4. Position the back of the hard drive against the back of the hard drive bay. Make sure that the ridge along the back of the hard drive rests underneath the lip on the back of the hard drive bay.
    5. Push the front end of the hard drive down until the tab clicks.

    I have found this from the MS website - didn't say if it applies to the core system - is it this easy with both systems?

    makes it sound more complicated than it really is. in practise its easier.

    you really don't need a guide as you will laugh at how easy it is when you actually go to do it, it's probably about as hard as say, opening a door.
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