Installing pc ram on a friends dell pc

    Hi my friend has a Dell Dimension 3100C and only has 512mb ram which of course is not alot and so wants more ram,i told him i could put it in for him put was wondering if its the same way as installing on any other pc,i hear dell can be fussy etc.

    thanks in advance


    I have the same machine. It is really simple to do. Tell him just to get on with it:) I would advise him getting an atistatic strap beforehand though.

    First, go to and run a memory test. This will tell you what memory is compatible with his system as well as how much it can take. (whether it is DDR or DDR2)

    You do not have to get an anti-static wrist band, unplug the mains cable from the back of the PSU and push the power button on the front of the PC to release any residual power left in the system.

    Now you can install the memory. I work with Dell machines everyday and I have never used any anti static products.
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