Found 12th May 2007
iv just bought 2 lots of these…121

iv just installed one of them,and everythings working fine,but when i install the second one,the computer doesnt goes onto a screen and says how do you want to start your computer

safe mode
safe mode with networking
start computer normally

etc etc

and i click on start normally and then it goes to a blank screen,and nothing happens,then i take the second set of memory out and turn the pc back on and it works again.

Does anyone know what i might be doing wrong.

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How many slots do you have? If 4 put the RAM in slots 1 + 3 for a matched pair.

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i have 4 slots,but the 1 and 2 are taken by my original 512mb RAM,what should i do.

1- 1 gig
2 512
3 1 gig
4 512

Two matched pairs should work, if not then we go from there.

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i tried that what you written above,turned my computer on and i just gt the big white screen with ACER on,then it went to start computer with...

safe mode
safe mode with...

etc etc

so i choose start normal and it just kept on bringin me back to the big acer screen,in the end i choose all possible options to start the computer and all of them brought me back to the big white acer screen,on the last go i pressed DEL to go into the settings.i looked on "standard CMOS features" and at the bottom it said

base memory: 640K
Extended memory:3144704K
Total Memory: 3145728K

so its telling me that the memorys working because all together i have 3GB of RAM at the time,and the results prove it

so after it didnt work i tried it after taking the RAM out which was in the 4th slot,this was one of the 512M, so the white screen went on i clicked standard CMOS features again and it said

base memory: 640K
Extended memory: 2620416K
Total memory: 2621440K

again its telling me the same results minus the 512M.

So its reading the memory but i havent a clue why its not letting me start up with all 4 lots in

so at the moment i have 255MB,(looked on system on control panel)


Have you tried both new of your new RAM sticks seperately to make sure that one of them isn't faulty?

Or tried JUST the 2 1 gig sticks? (in slots 1 n 3)

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did i mention that its working now with

512M IN SLOT 2

It seems when i put something in slot 4 it doesnt work

what conbination of slots can i use with slot 4 to see if slot 4 is broken,i.e

1 gig in slot 2
1 gig in slot 4

512M in slot 1
512m in slot 4

etc etc

If both the new sticks are working and nothing works in slot four it may well just be a dodgy slot.. Is mobo in warranty? / Is it worth hassle of changeover as 2.5 v 3 gig isnt a massive differance (even on vista).

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ye i surpose its not a big difference,is there a way i can defo check that its broken. any programs that will asess my ful computer etc

is there a combo which will include slot 4,that way i can find out if its dodgy or not.

i have the acer warranty,what would be the process of them fixing it,would it take like 2 weeks etc

Crucial memory checker scans your slots so it may pick a problem with the slot or think one doesn't exist at all.

Worth a try at ]Crucial, just click on scan my system


If all your sticks work individually when you test them then i'd say that slot 4 is definately damaged or faulty. Try checking the pins are not damaged on slot 4. Failing that then it would have to go back to be repaired where they'll fit a new motherboard although you'll need to check you haven't invalidated your warranty by opening the case.

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i dont know if the link will work,but can you see my results…me=

its says i have 1 available slot

and it has the 4 boxes,3 of them detail the RAM whats in it and 1 says empty

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i rang them before opening it,they said im covered aslong as nothings damaged caused by me,do they come out and fit it or do i send it off



i rang them before opening it,they said im covered aslong as nothings … i rang them before opening it,they said im covered aslong as nothings damaged caused by me,do they come out and fit it or do i send it off

Depends on what type of warranty you have. It will either be 'At Home' or 'Return to Base'. Should say on your warranty slip. :thumbsup:
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