Installing Samsung HDD in Xbox 4GB Slim?

    I bought a 4GB Xbox a few days ago and by all accounts, it seems I can install any 2.5" HDD in its HDD slot. What I want to know is, is will the Xbox allocate all of the HDD for Xbox use (game saves, dlc etc.) or will it know it's not a MS HDD and only allocate 16GB the way it would for USB attached storage?


    I don't think you can.

    But I do think you can take a hammer to an old style 360 enclosure and put that drive inside.

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    The reason I think it's physically possible is that the HDD inside an Xbox enclosure is a standard 2.5" HDD. I'm just unsure whether the Microsoft HDDs are pre-configured or is it the Xbox that configures the HDD.

    I was googling around for an answer and the general feeling seemed to be that it still needs to be microsoft signed drive.

    I don't think it will recognise the drive at it's actual size (if at all) as I believe there's some MS software that needs to be on the drive. You can, as mentioned, crack an old 20/60/120/250GB drive out of it's casing and put that in- it already has the software on it.

    needs to be a signed m$ drive to show
    can use hhdhacker to make your own m$ drive but will need a Western Digital SATA BEVS HDD…513
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    Yes, that's the conclusion I'm coming to. Unless I can get a cheap Xbox HDD, I think I'll just augment the 4GB by attaching a 16GB flash drive. I think I'm a light/ casual gamer, so that should be plenty. I just don't want to risk getting my Xbox banned, voiding warranty or breaking it during the process of installing a non-MS HDD.


    Buy an official 360 HDD preowned then take it apart and slot it … Buy an official 360 HDD preowned then take it apart and slot it in.

    just bought a 4gb myself (last one in my tesco!) and have successfully put my 20gb Hdd from my old one into this and it recognises it perfectly

    are there any enclosures for the slim hdd yet?
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