installing xp

    how do i boot from cd?

    i currently got ubuntu


    In your bios, set your first boot device to be your CD-ROM\DVD, it will boot staight into the cd

    Hit delete when you turn pc on.

    It should do it when you turn on the pc with the disk inside....:thumbsup: Otherwise change the boot sequence through you bios...The screen tells you to press either F8 or F4 I think and then boot cd first

    or some machines give you an option to select boot device by hitting a key (sometimes F12) at boot.

    Jed Maxwell;5349821

    Hit delete when you turn pc on.

    yes it's delete on one of my computers, F2 on another.
    It usually tells you which key when you 1st boot to the black screen, but it's not there for long, blink and you'll miss it.

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    everytime i do it it just goes onto the which boot to go to, as i ahd vista and ubuntu on as vista did not work, how do i formatt my hdd?

    Presumably you have the CD in and it's not booting from it so you'll need to set the machine to boot from CD, either temporarily, via a keystroke at startup or permanently via a setting in the BIOS. If you don't see the BIOS load screen when you first switch on, possibly sue to a manufacturers or motherboard graphic then hitting tab at startup will normally show the proper BIOS screen. This should show what key to press to get to the Boot Options menu and boot from CD. Selecting CD (or optical device) will allow you to boot from the CD and you can take it from there.
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