installous not working

    as title was wondering if anyone else was having problems with installous today as mine keeps saying api unavalible
    any help much appreciated.


    I've got the same and upgraded it the other day.

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    i have tried to re-instal but still no luck

    Just got the same message after using search. Clearly an issue with Installous!

    It was working the other day. Wait a day and hopefully they will sort it out their end!

    Sent an Email to report problem via cydia

    just got the same

    Original Poster

    cheers for the info guys

    mine not working either.

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    all up and running again

    what is it?


    what is it?

    Long story short: Allows you to instal App Store Apps without paying for them!

    Problem Fixed now. Expired!

    yah mine keeps doing the same thing and i want an app

    Its just server issues due to the millions of extra jail broken devices over the past week or two.

    Open instsllous and click in twitter
    You'll find out there of any problems.
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