Installshield wizard static progress bar - Please help


    I'm trying to install some software off a CD. The installer did auto run when first inserted but when I get to the Installshield wizard stage, (i.e the Please wait until the program is installed, this could take several minutes)
    The status bar doesn't move at all regardless of how long its left.

    Please help.



    Try running installer in compatibility mode.

    if that doesn't work try copying the contents off the CD to a folder on your hard drive and installing it from there...

    The status bar unfortunately doesn't mean much time wise. I've seen some that take 20mins to do 5 percent an 2mins to complete after.
    What are you installing and are you sure it's not asking for addition input through a pop up box ?

    Original Poster

    Thank you everyone for the help. Thought I'd already replied. For anyone interested/with a similar pc issue, running it in compatibility mode seem to fix it.
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