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Found 22nd Apr
I am refurbing a one bed flat which has off peak electric heating, and stored hot water provision.
The bathroom is getting completely renewed, so I am taking the bath out, and replacing with a walk in shower, with upgraded electric shower.
This removes the need for the provision of stored water to fill a bath, which allows me to do away with the aged hot water cylinder in the kitchen, and frees up much needed space for additional kitchen cabinets.
I will be installing a slimline dishwasher, so I really now only need occasional hot water to the bathroom and kitchen sinks.
An instantaneous water heater for each of these sinks is the plan- just wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to make, and are you happy with performance etc.

Many thanks
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I have been using Triton electric showers for years. Also instant electric handwash for the bathroom basin. In the kitchen I have an immersion heater. I explain to prospective tenants that while the showers and hand wash are not the finest they do mean that they only pay for what they use so are economical for them. Also they will not run out of hot water if other people in the house (converted to 4 flats) are showering. Never had any complaints in years.
If you’re doing a refurb anyway. Would you not consider fitting a Combi boiler.
Thereby offering a cheaper heating option to tenants making the flat more rentable?
Would then do away with any electric shower, heating and water provision.
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