Instill Confidence in 5yr olds- best ways?

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What are your professional and personal opinions on ensuring young children have confidence from a young age, e.g. if they've had to change school etc?
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Drama classes
Cub Scouts/ Brownies if you are lucky enough to have a good group in your area.
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As above Cubs/scouts etc, also some sort of martial arts classes are good for instilling confidence and discipline as long as you find a decent class/instructor.
I agree with the above. Any group activities/classes where they’re not working on their own.
Also, a team sport of any variety that the child takes to. This is a bit hit and miss, my nephew was sent to touch rugby and initially liked it, but then the keenness declined. Changed him to soccer and it was like seeing a different child. Incidentally, he was also a child that failed to settle at his first school, but again a change of school completely changed his character. I'd normally think this was a bit snowflaky, but having seen the change in this boy, I can see now that it was really wise of his parents to move him.
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