instore discount?

Found 18th Nov 2007
in the next week or so i will be spending about £1500 on lcd and laptop at currys , i know that they have internet prices which as a rule are cheaper then instore , but what type of discount would you expect to get if you go barter instore , or would they just match internet prices , any advise.
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from previous experience they will knock quite a few quid off. I was looking at a new tv, it was an LG for 799 in Dixons, i told them i could get it for £650 online, they said they could match it but i had to buy some cables too. But it just goes to show that you need to barter. Find a tv you want then get the best price online and see if they can match it. After all £1500 is a lot of money and before christmas retailers will be crawling over each other to get it in their tills. Oh and another thing if the assistant is a bit reluctant get a manager, they'll normally sort out 10% off
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