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Found 15th Sep 2017
Hi all, I am in the middle of building a shed/summerhouse....It will be used to sit in with a tv etc... I am making structure out of pallets and am then going to clad the outside..... I want to insulate the inside to keep it warm all year round..I am looking for the cheapest option to do this and am looking for some tips/ideas/options etc!!! Any help would be appreciated.
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Well, whatever you do we hope to see you appear on Shed of the year awards on tv...
To insulate I guess you would need to look at something like loft insulation. I am going to build a shed in the coming weeks but personally I'm going to use SIPs.
Believe it or not ... Bubble wrap
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To make a shed usable throughout the winter months you are really going to have to pack it with insulation - roof, walls and floor.

Where you can fit in solid board insulation - like Celotex - as this has better insulation properties than rockwool, It's not cheap but can often find it on Gumtree.

Agree with adding stuff like bubblewrap but this will need to be in addition to so premium insulation if you want to have a usable shed in winter.

Also need to consider ventilation - ensure there is air movement around the "outside" of the insulation skin otherwise condensation could cause eventual damage to your structure.
I built a small shed and insulated it in Celotex (like Van1973 described). I then overboarded the walls and floor so tou dont have to look at celotex. I was planning on using it as a home office until we did our extension or bought a proper log cabin\Office garden.
Depends how your actually building it.

If your keeping the pallets relatively intact you'd have a double wall and void which can be filled with general roof/attic insulation.
Line the inside with sheets of cheap mdf to cover any cracks. Coupled with the cladding it would be super insulated.
I just wish this thread was called "Insulting a Shed" instead
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