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Hi, some of you may not be aware that Insurance companies have started running their businesses like airlines now. In that if you don't plan ahead you pay through the nose. I've just been running some quotes so for example;

£271.24 - on the day
£222.71 - next day
£223.39 - 2 days after
£218.50 - 3 days after
£215.74 - 4 days after
£208.58 - 5 days day after
£208.71 - 6 days after
£211.69 - 7 days (Friday) after
£211.63 - Saturday after
£212.08 - Sunday
£211.99 - Monday
£207.96 - 30th of the month
£208.66 - 31st of the month

it went up again after that, not sure if it's the amount of days from when you quote or the day of the month.

Original price from Topcashback was £210, so I've gone for 30th of the Month as I don't mind waiting. I imagine the savings are greater the higher your insurance price is. Hope this helps someone.

This was for car Insurance, it may apply across the sector.
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Haha cheers, they got to it first
Good work backyard! Very handy
This little scam has been around a few years now. Thanks for reminding me, got a car coming up for renewal next month.
I don't get this.

So my cr insurance is due 28th march. When is the right time to apply?
6-7th March
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