Mum just rang up to get a quote for me on her car for a month, and they said £80, as a additional driver.
    Seeing as its MG/Rover ZR and I only passed today, that doesnt sound right to me?
    Is it?


    whats your point?

    Its not classed as a super sports car. .

    I think its group 10, work it out, an extra £960 per year as an additional driver, this sounds about right to me.

    It sounds about right, works out at £960 per year, what size is the engine?

    lol its the £800 excess you need to worry about :thumbsup:

    Congrats on passing by the way!

    Original Poster

    Err 1.4 I think!


    Haha :pCheers :)Err 1.4 I think!

    Yer that means I think its the group 8 car.

    I had a 318 as an additional when I was about 19 and it cost about £1000 all in, all depends who you are with. From experience, direct line are great, also swift cover seems to be the boy at the moment.

    And yes, the excess. Compulsory when you are that young will be VERY high!


    Haha :pCheers :)Err 1.4 I think!

    Yep, probably is about right then. If you were to go on as an additional driver for a year rather than just a month, it might come down a bit per month.

    One thing you'll learn soon enough tho, driving is very expensive.....

    also when you get your own insurance for your own car add your mother it works out cheaper

    Insurers use a complex risk algorithm, taking on board loads of data.
    As a young male you will be classed as high risk for at least the next 5 years nothing you can do but ride it out and take the financial pain.
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