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    31st oct had a prang in my zafira gsi damage isn't to bad right in the back left corner where taillight is I have dented and kinked the q panel,

    Going through my insurance to get fixed

    But turns out insurance are classing it as a write off ( £2600 ) to repair ( my excess £650 ) insurance pays £1950 for repairs

    I am being offered a settlement , however I do not want a settlement as the car could be easily be repaired

    My cars value is around £4700-6000

    I am worried incase the try and fob me off with less to which I would be unable to get another zafira gsi

    I would much prefer the car be repaired,

    How can I go about getting insurance to repair it instead of doing a settlement?


    take the settlement and buy it back from insurance company.


    See what they offer you as a settlement for writing it off....then ask how much you can buy it back for and get it repaired on the cheap your self.


    take the settlement and buy it back from insurance company.

    what he said

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    If I did a buy back what price do insurers take for that option?

    Rough idea Obv would depend on settlement figure


    Can#t say, but there is usually a good profit in it for you if you know a cheap bodyshop.

    Ask your insurers for a cash in lieu figure, this is the amount they will give you if you keep the car, and stops it being listed as an insurance write-off. If it is written off and you buy it back it will seriously damage the value and you won't be able to use it as a trade-in later. If you take a cash settlement instead then you can avoid that and get the car repaired yourself. You may need to get it inspected before it can be re-insured and put back on the road though, that'll. e down to your insurance company to decide.


    OK...few things....

    1. Your cars value is not £4700-6000 - that's what YOU value it at, not what it's worth. The insurance contract you have entitles you to the "market value" of your car. Their engineer would have got that value by taking into account the make, model, age, mileage and general condition then used Parkers/Glasses guides to value it.

    I have worked in motor claims for 8 years now and almost 99% of people think their car is worth a LOT more than it actually is. Especially those who buy them from dealers or buy from new.

    2. They may be willing to increase their initial offer however unless they have got something drastically wrong with their valuation then you can't expect much more than 5-10% increase. It would be down to you to prove that they have undervalued your car.

    3. If they have told you it's a total loss, then they will not offer you a cash-in-lieu as someone else said. Cash-in-lieu is actually short for "cash in lieu of repairs" and is a cash settlement offered instead of the insurer authorising repairs to a garage. If they have told you the vehicle is a total loss then there's a high chance they have already entered it on MIAFTR (Motor Insurers Anti Fraud & Theft Register where all stolen vehicles and total losses are logged) If it's on there, it's not coming off.

    4. They may allow you to "retain the salvage" This would mean that they let you keep the car but they would deduct a percentage from the settlement amount. This varies from company to company and is usually around 15-35% of the value.

    5. If you do keep it, as others have said, you have to jump through some hoops with the insurers and VOSA to get it back on the road and insured Comp again

    Hope that all makes sense!

    Depending on what catagory write off they class it as regarding an VOSA inspection . My Astra got wrote off abour 5 years ago , the insurance company were going to take it away and pay me the current value . They changed their mind , they told me I could keep it but still paid me the value [only worth a grand ].They also said I couldn't put it back on the road again without a VOSA inpection [ tagged ].I got in touch with VOSA and the vehicle hadn't been tagged , so I went ahead and repaired it myself [ rear quarter panel , bumper , tailgate repair ] ,got it MOT'd ,taxed and tested and used it on the road for another 2 years before flogging it on ebay .
    Ask the company what catagory the car is in and if you can buy the car off them and are they paying you the full market value . Find out now what the value is from Parkers guide or similar .

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    @ dan jackson yeah makes sense cheers, prices i quoted is the market value prices on avg
    info is helpful

    the car needs 2 panels, put on a jig , rear bumper , taillight and the trim below the taillight £2600 to repair

    according to parkers prices ( is it independent dealer price i go by ? )

    Original Price £19,995
    Independent Dealer £3,900
    Private Good £3,235
    Private Poor £2,305
    Part Exchange £2,540

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    5. If you do keep it, as others have said, you have to jump through some hoops with the insurers and VOSA to get it back on the road and insured Comp again

    I hardly think a vic check is jumping through just make an appointment at your nearest VOSA test station and it takes half an hour to do the identity check.



    I hardly think a vic check is jumping through just make an … I hardly think a vic check is jumping through just make an appointment at your nearest VOSA test station and it takes half an hour to do the identity check.

    True. But some insurers ask for an independent engineer's report and full repair documentation from a garage before covering a previous total loss comprehensively. That IS a pain in the backside!

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    I received a response in regards to my claim

    The estimate my insurance are saying they got was £3060.18
    There threshold is £2800 to repair on my car,

    ( it is uneconomical to repair according to the insurers ) not a total loss
    ( garage said to me the estimate was £2600 someones lying!! )

    The 1st offer I got in regards to the car as a settlement is £4240

    I would rather have the car repaired, I'm
    Going to speak to garage again confirm the estimate was £2600.xx and speak to the insurance again about the estimate and hopefully get the car repaired,

    What would I do in regards to the settlement If I chose not go down the repair route,
    Obv Im not going to accept the 1st offer due to the fact its quite less
    Than what I paid for the car.

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    I'm unfamiler with gap insurance?

    Offer for settlement maybe but in my opinion it would be cheaper getting the car fixed than going for a settlement

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    With the offer of £4240

    They deduct £650

    And remainder of insurance for the year around £800

    So I would be worse off Settlement is not an option

    You could always speak to the garage & see if they can do a fixed price repair for the £2800 - it usually means repairing certain parts instead of replacement and is often possible through discussion with the insurance company's engineer and the garage - we often used to do this when I worked in a bodyshop. The estimate could have been @£2600 + VAT or before they had priced certain parts ? Although an offer of £4240 less excess is a pretty good offer looking at the valuations you have given from Parkers - you'll be hard pressed to get them much higher than that. The excess is your responsibility unless you can claim it back off a third party, so you can't expect your insurance company to cover that value as well. You should be able to buy a 2nd hand car of the same spec for the offer you have been given by paying the value of the excess on top of the settlement figure, according to those figures from Parkers, especially as you will be a cash buyer and able to negotiate on that basis.

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    Tinkerbell I'm fully aware of the excess etc and what i took on when taking the policy,

    Based on the settlement minus excess and paying rest o insurance i would be left with £2,440

    Price range for the car is £4,300-6,500 based on year and mileage I would actually be worse off


    How much are they wanting for you to buy the car back?

    The differance in quote and estimate could be the price of hire car/courtesy car


    fight fight fight

    where´s my popcorn?

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    Never heard from the insurance since Friday

    Emailed them this morning ( a bitchy email getting them told )

    Result they are going to fix it now.

    Cheers for taking the time to post guys

    Hopefully have the car back in the next 2 weeks

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