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    Hello Guys =)

    Just looking for some general advice about taxing the new car which im looking to buy. The tax on it run outlast month so does autmatically mean that it is sorn? I will ring my insurance and get that part sorted straight away but how od i go about taxing it? I want to drive it as soon as possiable so will they email me the insurance certificate?

    im buying it from a dealer incase that has something to do with the tax.



    Surely the dealer could tax it for you ? least 6 months , worth a try asking and they can get it done quicker being a car dealer

    Dealers can tax it on their own insurance - it won't automatically be SORNed you have to 'do' that if you want it to be. Get the dealer to tax it, you may have to pay him in advance. Depending on your insurer, you can get documents emailed, or printed off if logged in to their system. To tax it yourself you will need insurance and MOT. Dealer will probably only put 6 months on it unless you specify 12.

    Just tax it before you buy it - go down to the post office with the insurance certificate and appropriate doucmentation showing ownership of the car

    Or just get the dealer to tax it for 6 months

    As said ,get the dealer to tax it .Nothing automatic regarding SORN , you have to declare it's of the road [if you already own the vehicle and dont want to tax it] or you get a £80 fine through the post .

    sorn is automatically cancelled when a vehicle is bought or sold - you will need the vehicle registration certificate to tax it (vc5)

    Last car I bought:
    Phoned the insurance company a couple of days before to get a quote, & asked them to keep the quote on their records.
    On the day, at the dealers, once I had agreed to buy the car, I phoned the insurance company & got the car insured with immediate effect.
    I then drove to the nearest post office, with the dealer's insurance certificate (he was too busy to come with me, so let me go on my own), & used his insurance certificate to tax the car.
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