Insurance companies - are they always this arkward and wriggly?

Found 25th Mar 2008
HI all

Had a nightmare of a day. I had a bath early on this afternoon, whilst drying myself all the electrics in the house go haywire and I hear this almighty bang.

I went down stairs to find the entire contents of the bath, in the kitchen... Yes all the water is now looking like an indoor pool. I also have a gaping big hole in the ceiling.

Now I wasnt that fussed about the ceiling as its a rented house so its not my fault however the rest of the contents in the kitchen is mine, including the kitchen itself as I put it in.

So I first rang the council to report the damage who told me to ring back later on.... nice customer service that was. I then ring the insurance company. As im waiting on hold im reading the policy (id never really read it before in detail) and it says im covered for all 'fixtures and fittings'. So I think to myself 'oh im covered' the kitchens 'fixed' and its 'fitted'.

After being on hold for a long time and then being cut off by some silly cow, I then rang back and started again. 'Oh your not covered sir, its not fixtures and fittings, thats covered by buildings insurance'. How can that not be fixtures and fittings? I will admit I dont know anything about this stuff ive never claimed like this before in my life. He then asked me about everything else, I then got onto flooring. They tell me click laminate is covered by the contents and glue laminate is covered by buildings, which I found really odd. I then said so what does a curtain pole come under then? I was just trying to understand what hes saying and feeling fobbed off by his explanations. I wasnt claiming for a curtain pole, its just I didnt understand any of this. He tired to tell me curtains are fixtures and fittings but the pole would be covered by buildings...... WTF?

Well after arguing the toss for about an hour he then goes off to speak to his supervisor. After keeping me on hold even more, he then comes back saying 'your covered after all by landlords indemnity' what ever that is. GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!

So why on earth did I have to argue to toss with two people in order to find out I was covered anyway. What makes me angry firstly is the policy its self. They have lists of all the things you are covered for, and what your not, but you cant see any of it. The policy is also badly worded and really confusing in my eyes.

The other thing that makes me really angry is the fact that If I had of listened to these people on the phone and hadnt stood my ground, I would of just took the damage on the chin and either put up with it or paid for it myself to be fixed.

I do feel better now knowing im covered, but it still makes me angry that I had to argue with them. Im now waiting for Rainbow International to contact me about 'restoring' the damage. How there going to restore my kitchen when its soaked up the contents of the bath and ballooned in places to twice its size is beyond me but there you go.

Had anyone else experienced anything like this, are they always this bad?


insurance companies always do this they argue the toss over everything---except your monthly payment!!!
i bought my son a laptop last christmas and in march 07...i?we spilt milk on it---it really is a long story but,it took the insurance company sterling/budget 10 months to pay it back,and countless letters proving the facts and past insurance history....also an increase in insurance premiums,and my son not having his christmas present back until the next christmas ,so this year he ended up with a laptop as well as just landed me with a long on going headache....mick

Sorry to hear about the incident, I can't imagine it was much fun. It is a long time since i worked in household claims but way back then you could have a contents policy or a buildings policy or a combined one. If you were a tenant you didn't need a buildings policy 'cause you did not own the buildings. However there were some things that tenants are responsible for that are not contents, this is usually picked up under tenants liability cover on the contents policy. As far back as I can remember there was always someone who did not understand it. it didn't crop up that often. No excuse for getting it wrong though.

On the other hand, how long have you had the policy? Is this the first time you have read it? I bet you spent hours if not days picking out your kitchen, but you wont have spent mins looking at your policy even thought you stand to loose at least what you spent on the kitchen if it is not what you need.

Mickydibble - I suspect that like the insurance company before us you are missing out important information. Reading between the lines sounds to me like you forgot to mention something when you took the policy out.

maybe !!....not sure, but at the end of the day they payed out,-which however !means that i am honest and that all their harrasment did nothing except lose them a customer.
also if they are willing to accept online applications,they should be more lenient?.instead of putting honest customers through hell on a claim,that turns out that the customer is\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\1 right all along.
playing the odds and losing, springs to mind :).....without going deeper into the issue......micky

Surely for the bath to fall through the ceiling ( or was it just the water from the bath) then maybe there was a fault with the structure of the building. :?

A few years ago we had a house fire, big problems there with the insurance, them telling us we were covered for something... then saying we owed them like £20k then them saying oh wait no you dont. Very stressfull time for my parents, i hope yours turns out better!

I would take this up with your landlord or the council. Were the electrics not safe for them to go haywire and what about the ceiling. As i said before surely there is a fault somewhere.
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