insurance for US car hire?

    Can anyone tell me the best way to go about CDW car insurance in Florida.

    I saw a thread a while back sayinf it was cheaper to buy before you go and not to use the insurance offered by the car hire company when booking a package deal.

    We want a convertible for a family of 4 for 2weeks.

    What sort of money should I be paying for this as we have no idea of the true costs of what we should be paying.

    Look forward to advice from peeps who have been there done it etc!!

    cheers Jas


    I have used these guys for my last 3 visits and they were spot on including hiring sat nav from them as well

    A very quick search for a convertable for 14 days came out including "Gold" insurance and a full tank of "gas" (return empty!!! came out at £345 for 14 days…d45

    And you can pay a deposit and then the balance 8 weeks before you go

    Hope it helps

    car hire 3000 - just had three week fully comp full tank extra drivers (definately no extras to pay) platunum on a 7 seater cost £450 for the three weeks - i.e. about £150 p.w. but obviously that wa for a big car, advise to go for smaller car as really felt the increase in petrol out there this year its up to nearly $5 gallon and said it was going up, doesnt sound like much compared to here but it used to be just half that a year or so ago - airl;ine network - also - through quidco they use the same (dollar car hire) but I found this year cheaper to "negotiate" with car hire 3000
    Have a great time
    just a nore - if you are going to Universal and have already bought your tickets you can exchange them and upgrade to an annual pass for $20 when there at Universal - so a 2 days pass over here costs approx £48 ugraade for anaother $20 - handy is you go back next year
    or they actually sell the annuals at Publix for $114 plus tax

    hi i found this cover for excess insurance and will def do it next time i hire a car, hired a car in france for two weeks this year with hertz and if i had a accident even if it wasernt my fault i would of had to pay £700 excess this cover cost £49 and covers you in any hire car for a year

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone prices are looking alot better than with the fly drive deal and taking their cwd insurance.


    Does this insurance of £49.00 for the year mean I dont need the collision damage waiver insurance?

    Cheers Jas

    hi Your car rental agreement normally includes cover for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft.this covers you from paying the total cost of a new car if it was a right off in a accident However you are still liable for the Excess on CDW and Theft. When a rental car is damaged or stolen, the driver is asked to pay the first portion of the repair or replacement costs. This is known as the Excess. i would serously look into it , when i picked my car up from the hire place they tried to sell me this extra insurance which would cover the excess but it was very expensive something like £20 a day, havin the car for two weeks decided against it but it was abit of a relif when i finally got it back without a scrach to the hire place

    I have taken out this policy for past few years. The £49 rate is for Europe - Worldwide is £59. Do remember t hough that it covers you for any EXCESS over and above what is covered by your car rental deal. Not all car rental deals cover full CDW/SLI insurance in United States so carefully check. If your particular deal does NOT include CDW/SLI cover anyway you can obtain full cover also from Latter are part of the towergate Insurance Group, one of UK largest insurers. One very good thing about that cover is that you can find the full policy wordings onlinethus you know exactly what is and is not included in their different schemes before you choose.

    I also got a 20 percent Quidco discount last time I renewed so worth checking to see if that is still available and reduce your costs further...
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