Insurance help for 18 year old.

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Found 20th Feb 2009
Who is likely to offer the best quote for an 18 year old wanting to drive an old 2.0 litre Golf GTi? Tried the comparison sites and they come up silly money. He drives an older 1.8 Golf now and insurance is acceptable through Quinn, but was wondering if anyone knew anywhere better.


My friend got a good deal from churchill for her 18 year old daughter

churchill is the best for me... with them for couple years, im 21 now.
they dont always come up on the comparison sites, so worth a check seperately.
b4 churchill, cis (co-operative) was the cheapest, only for the one year tho, so maybe worth a look too..
not sayin these are deffo best, they just was for me.

im also guessin you have done everything as per the mse site to reduce costs etc..


My friend got a good deal from churchill for her 18 year old daughter

beat me to it by


beat me to it by

Whats price is exactly a good deal? my insurance is due for renewal in 2weeks and cheapest quote is bout £450 from halifax.

highway or endsleigh
they are very cheap but with endsleigh ring them if you check out back of dvla traing game it says they are cheap for young drivers
i have highway now and hae a 2l scooby and full breakdown around 615.00


i have highway now

Good luck.

good luck with what?
i have it

what about tesco my pal got hers through them and she just turned 18 and passed her test in november they also do a value policy?

I recon it will cost around £1.2K for you to insure your Golf as it cost me £11ishK to insure my Beamer.

Try QuinnDirect BTW as I used them to insure my old Focus.
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