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    I am claiming for my laptop on my travel insurance, I just have two questions

    the insurace company has asked me for a valuation of the laptop prior to the accident, the laptop is about two years old, and i don't have the receipt for it, is there anything else that the insurance company will accept?

    also, is there anywhere i can get a free quotation for a repair?


    did u buy it online? u may have a receipt in your emails? x

    bank statement - credit card statement?
    Did you register it for warranty purposes?

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    it was from currys refurbuished

    it was my brother's but I bought it from him last year, the online statement will be in his name

    you paid cash for a lappy?

    depending on the issue, it may not be worth a repair.. you can pick up reasonable priced onces from £299 now..

    what did you do?

    As for valuation, how much did you pay for it in the first instance. For a 2 year old Lappy, you mite as well half the purchase cost (depending on purchase price, but then again, if you dont know how much you paid, i would says its only worth £180 if that as new ones start from £200 now)

    I made a claim for my laptop on my insurance a year ago.

    The value of the laptop is really the cost for you to replace it, so its a matter of finding something with the same/similar specification and that's its current value.
    I couldn't find anywhere that did cheap repair estimates as the majority of the time the insurance company write the laptop off, therefore the only way they make money is charging high prices for quotes. I paid £50 but I think I've seen other people since say they have got quotes for about £30-£40

    Check what the excess is as you may be better claiming on your house insurance if you are able to.


    Check what the excess is as you may be better claiming on your house … Check what the excess is as you may be better claiming on your house insurance if you are able to.

    But then you also have to consider the effect it will have on future premiums. You have to declare claims for up to 5 years which will result in higher premiums and stops you participating in many "special offers" for 4 or 5 years. :?

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    the excess is £50, the laptop was bought for £410 two years ago


    take it to a local repair shop. they should give you a decent valuation and a free repair quote as they'll want the job

    Use the reciept with your brothers name??

    Say its was a gift from him to you. Cant see why they wont accept that.

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    thanks all

    I'll give a couple of the local repair shops a call today to see how much they'll charge
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