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    I have contents insurance and have broken my straighteners, they're GHD so are an expensive pair, but they are quite old. They still work but one of the plates falls out if you hold them the wrong way.

    Is it worth paying £25 excess and getting a new pair through my insurance or will it affect future quotes a lot? I can get a new pair for about £80 so will buy some if it will be a better option.



    Can you get no claims on contents insurance? If so, it's probs not worth the saving of 55 quid. - EDIT - Just had a look, and some companies offer upto 30% reductions in no claims insurance. - Swinton.

    Just out of curiosity, which pair is it your after?

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    They'll probably say it's wear and tear rather than accidental damage. Insurance isn't meant to cover stuff that's worn out but you can try . . .

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    I dropped them which has made the plate come out so should be covered, but yeah I wondered about the no claims, I think mine are about 5 years old now though so I'm not sure how replacing them would go....

    James? Is that James as in the Male name, why have you got straighteners? Just curiosity


    Get an insurance renewal quote with and without no claims bonus. Then you ought to get another quote with no no claims bonus and one claim. See what the difference is and that should answer your question.

    The insurance assessor will come around, get the codes off the GHD's and check them online. The GHD website will tell him they're fake, whether they are or not 'cos that's what it does. At this point he'll make a phone call and 15 armed police will turn up, ransack your house, beat you with rubber hoses and throw you in prison for attempted fraud and anything else they think they can 'fit you up with'.

    Is that what you want, cos that's what'll happen X)

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