Insurance with no cancellation fee within 14 days ?

    Is there any insurance company who does not charge any cancellation fee if we cancel our cover within first 14 days ?


    You would of course still pay a fee - for the first 14 days as the insurance will have already been used/valid for those days (Unless you are trying to buy insurance one month in advance of the start date of the policy).

    Would it not make more sense to insure for 7 days or 1 month?

    I don't know of any company that wouldn't charge at least an extortionate 'admin' fee for making a change to policy/cancelling policy without notice. Free bump for that though
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    lots of weekly monthly car insurers out there

    Best advice would be to take out a weekly or a monthly insurance.
    If you're already planning on cancelling before taking out an annual insurance, you're looking for "free" insurance for a couple of days that you need? (_;)

    sounds like you are trying to get free insurance pay up fella!
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