Insurers charging more through cashback sites!

    I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this, where insurers charge you more if you go through a cashback site than if you just go direct? I've been checking quotes and found that Hastings were cheapest. They only do cashback through cashback-rewards and cashbackkings so I went to buy but when you go via either of these it bumps your quote up by about the amount of the cashback

    I've bought a few home insurance policies and home insurance through quidco and never come across this before.


    Yeh they have caught on, always best to try the moneysavingexpert way and then try through the actual site and then through the cashback sites. probably works ok the same in the end

    I've not found that with car insurance through quidco - there is always a big diference between comparison sites and actual quotes - so much so that it's hardly worth using comparison sites at all but as for direct quotes or cashback quotes no diference for me.

    In fact I normally do quotes and save them uisng IE at loads of companies then once I'm happy with one go to quidco using firefox then use the link to the insurance company and open my saved quote. This has worked 4 times for me wth no tracking probs.

    hope it helps - see what others think I guess too.

    Seen this happen before, con artists.

    Original Poster

    I've spent days going through comparison sites, then double checking on the insurers own sites and then seeing what cashback is available (not to mention all the calls I've received). Then when I finally decide which one I'm going with this happens.

    I was tempted to go through the cashback link to get the cookie then just type the normal address in to get the quote and hoping that it would be tracked to the original cookie! But I'm not sure.
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