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Posted 16th Jan
just been quoted prices for 4 built in appliances from a well known kitchen supplier who said I could source my own if I wanted.

any info on where I could purchase fridge/freezer, oven & microwave giving special offers or bulk savings?

would it be better to buy them individually or all from same supplier.
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benchmark at try John Lewis then use Google (Shopping tab)
I got all mine from ao as they were best price by a mile - don’t forget quidco/topcashback on them though!
Currys have a £50 code for large appliances I think, MULTI50.
I walked into my local Currys and asked if there was any discount if I spent £4K on appliances for three flats I was doing up. He said no so I walked out and sat in the car park and ordered the lot from AO saving about £800 using their codes and cash back. Have never been back to Currys and use AO fo everything now. is pretty reasonable price wise and will be cheaper than your supplier Oh and eeka peeka pukka po.
thx for comments, was on ao website, l could get all hoover appliances for much the same price as the beko appliances i was quoted, who would say hoover is better quality than beko?
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We purchased a fitted kitchen from an independent kitchen company.

We needed an additional microwave and they said that they would sell it to us at cost price.

AO was cheaper than the kitchen company cost price.

The kitchen company said that AO have a bigger discount because they are a bulk purchaser

Also, look for manufacturer cashback offers on fitted appliances - we have £500 back from AEG !!!!!!
(You had to fill in an online form and send a copy of your receipt)

If buying from AO, do a google search for vouchers. Also, dont forget topcashback

topcashback percentage payments vary. If you dont need the item immediately, sometimes it pays to wait a few days and they will have higher cashback payments
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This is the link for AEG cashback for AO purchases

If you buy your item from AO, then I recommend that you use topcashback.

You can then send a claim to AEG (using link above) to get cashback from AEG as well !!!!!!!
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