integrated washing machine in bathroom

Found 16th Mar 2017
I want to know if it is possible to install integrated washing machine in a bathroom?

Any personal opinion or issues to be careful of ? Beko seems to be suggesting against it…oom
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Against building regs to install a socket in a bathroom (apart from shaver chargers)
I have an upstairs utility room off my bathroom, washing machine and tumble dryer both upstairs and it works great for us.

Any way you could split the room and create a separate room for your appliances?
very popular in eastern Europe, most homes have wash machines in bathrooms but again their regulations are not as stringent
My parents both have a washing machine and a tumble dryer in the bathroom. Agree with first post. When they delivered it, it came with free installation. When they found out it was intended to be used in the bathroom they were not allowed to it so we installed it ourselves. They did not even take it to the bathroom. My advise is, install it in the kitchen if you can, if you want to use it in the bathroom then you'll have to install it yourself, perhaps they can do the pipework and you can install it
It can be in a separate room as robj1 has suggested, but under no circumstances install a washing machine in a bathroom, unless you want to kill someone... Far too much condensation and would probably make the outside of the appliance live... If the bathroom is large enough to fit a washing machine in, is the room suitable to be partitioned/split into two separate rooms (totally isolated from each other)
Is there a technical (other than "regs say no") reason why you can't have a GFCI circuit in the bathroom in the UK to use "normal" electrics, like you can in North America? When we moved here (well, for me, "back"), wife's comment was "what, I can't dry/curl etc. my hair using the bathroom mirror? do people still have a little desk in their bedroom for this like it's Downton Abbey?". I've always wondered why - something to do with the different voltages?
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Or just put the socket on the outside of the bathroom and drill through for plugs.
I have a washing machine and a tumble dryer in my shower room, (downstairs) they are on the opposite side of the room to the actual shower and toilet, under the window, the electric and water pipes ect were already there when we bought the house, so I continued to use it and have had no problems with either machine. I wouldn't personally put the washer upstairs in the actual bathroom, as its in constant use so wouldn't risk it. (And at no point did the estate agent or solicitor state it was not allowed. )
We moves the wall (it was only wood & plaster) 2ft making the bathroom smaller and creating a laundry area on the landing. But then are bathroom is till bif enough to have a bath and separate walk-in shower.
I wouldn't run any high wattage whitegood device off anything but a circuit rated for it, like in the kitchen. Some scary DIY projects out there.
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