Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650

    I've decided to splash out on an upgrade and intel just released their new processor yesterday called QX9650. Im struggling to find it anywhere. Places i've tried are:

    Found it at overclockers and ebuyer but predictably none in stock. Anyone found anywhere with these in stock?

    Best price i found was £608.83 at E-Buyer……666



    Just above £600 seems fine- UK and US are (surprisingly) at the same price level.

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    I know price is about right with e-buyer but i need to find a place with stock or will be able to tell me when they will have stock.

    You're right. No1 seems to have stock - the first availability is 21.11 with one of the e-tailers.

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    Ah nuts - was hoping to build my stupidly good system before xmas

    I can't find them anywhere either. I have had the most success in finding vendors by using Froogle, most of the other comparison sites don't recognise QX9650!

    I have left a few "email me when they are in" but no replies yet.

    Has anyone actually bought one yet?

    Just found out that the QX9650 won't work with Nvidia motherboards as Intel and Nvidia are playing silly little games. So if you want SLI like me with the QX9650, you can't have it.

    Hoping but not holding my breath for a BIOS update to my new Striker Extreme mobo.
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