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Hi everyone,

I'm after a Mac which uses the Intel processor (so that I can use bootcamp for both MacOs and Windows). Does anyone know a good place to buy them from?

Not particularly bothered whether it is iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook or Macbook Pro - just interested whether there are any good prices around. Screen size is quite important (larger the better in my case).



Best place to buy Macs are from their website, if you are a student you can also get a significant discount.

Firstly let me say that i have been using Mac for almost exactly 5 years & over this period i have bought at least 15 peices of hardware (at least 7 computers). The following is my opinion on Apple, their hardware & service over the years. I will be brief.

About 4-5 years ago Apple just did computers (monitors, wireless, etc), then came the ipod and the focus shifted to everything ipod. The quality of their computer hardware has dropped considerably as has their customer service - example my imac G5 has been faulty since last March (6 months after I bought it) and I finally got it fixed this month! It was a manufaturing fault and nothing to do with misuse, wear and tear etc. Once their customer service would have bent over backwards to help, now you just get a poorly informed person who will fob you off at the earliest opportunity. Example 2 - I ordered a Powerbook last september which was faulty on arrival - it took 7 telephone calls with a total time of over 4 hours on the phone until they took it back and refunded me. In all i have had to send back 5 computers since I've been using mac (3 last year), my 3G ipod has failed and so has my Airport Express (wireless transmitter) - Apple didn't blink an eyelid. Look at this report of failures -


More recently they have had problems with their Macbooks overheating and discolouring, Macbooks Pros overheating, the general build quality has gone down hill as well. Apple say they have reliable hardware but a Mac website did a study and found some of their hardware has a 23% failure rate - the most frustrating thing is when you telephone Apple they simply deny any problem.

Once a luxury brand but quickly becoming like Dell, but since Mac OSX is superior to anything else out there you have to just put up with decling hardware standards.

With this in mind you have 2 choices:

1. Buy apple online but use the education option to get an 8% discount as well as any vouchers on hotdeals. You will almost certainly have to consider buying extended warranty (this adds £100-£200). Apple NEVER check the validity of your education status.


2. Buy from John Lewis, they have a 4% discount (new customer) and any other £15-£20 voucher you can find on hotdeals. You only have to deal with John lewis (not spend hours on the phone with Apple) and John Lewis give you an automatic 2 year guarantee at no extra cost (apple give just 1).

I'm sorry if this sounds like apple bashing but I have spent thousands over the years with Apple and can say first hand of their decline in quality control. I would love them to treat customers the way they used to but you are just another sale.

One final thing, Apple are about to update to the Intel Core 2 Duo processor imminently so it is worth waiting to get a faster machine.

It is true to say that once you try mac you will never go back to windows so I personally will use the John Lewis route.

best wishes.

Hmm.. I'm sorry to hear that you have had bad experiences with apple customer service. I for once agree with you... to a point. As an Apple Campus Rep at a major UK universities, I often have to help students chase up on customer service.

Having said that... I was very impressed with the recent service of my iPod. I had complained to them that the nano seemed to scratch easily. This was doen through their online form. Within 2 days, they had sent me a self addressed box, with clear instructions how to call UPS to pick it up. Within 3 days I had a reply from them saying they will replace it, and one week later a brand new iPod Nano arrived on my doorstep.

Correction to your post
The normal education discount is 8%, and that store is accessible to anyone. The Higher Education Discount is 15+%, and also gives a free upgrade to 3 years warranty, which as PROvider mentions would cost around 200 pounds normally. See this thread for more information: hotukdeals.com/for…482

My "informed" opinion
I can't divulge what my bosses tell me, but I can tell you common sense. If you're after a MacBook Pro or iMac, it seems logical apple will upgrade to Core 2 Duo when it comes out in early September, and keep the same prices. For the MacBook.... since its entry level.... common sense would suggest keeping Core Duo, but lowering the price.
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