Intel PROset Wireless - Language problem


    I had recently changed the language settings in my laptop to enable reading/editing documents in Japanese language..

    I changed the language settings back to English in all the areas in 'Regional Settings'

    Now I can see that whenever the laptop detects the wireless internet connection, the popup that appears in the right hand bottom corner of the screen shows ??????? (i.e. junk)..

    Like this:…png…png…png

    I checked all the settings again and again ...but still it shows in junk..

    I have un-installed the software and reinstalled it taking from Dell 'drivers & downloads section' ..still it didn't work..

    Any other changes, apart from Control Panel > regional settings , do I have to change for this??

    Thanks for your help.


    Original Poster

    I solved this issue myself...downloaded latest version of Intel PROset Wireless 3945ABG from ]here:

    Please make sure first keep the WPA/WEP security key safe in notepad..once the new version is installed you have to enter this key again while connecting for the first time...


    can you tell me were i can get the wpa/wep key from in my puter did it once but as with everything eles i do on it i forgot were it was lol.
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