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Intelligent Octopus EV Tariff Additions (January 2023)

Posted 18th Jan 2023
Link to Octopus here to view further information and rates.

FAQs here.

For my local rates I’m looking at off-peak 6hrs at 10p / kWh charging.

Tariff Additions include the following;


- Wallbox


- Mercedes
- Skoda
- Cupra
- Porsche
- Hyundai
- Peugeot
- Vauxhall
- DS
- Citroen
- Seat
- Volvo
- Renault
- Fiat
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  1. _stan's avatar
    My fixed deal ends mid March and this looks like a pretty good deal compared to the new GO prices (about 43p/12p). Not much details that I can see at the moment but hopefully it'll work with a Zappi & Kona..

    Thanks for the heads up 🏻
    KP5's avatar
    KP5 Author
    May well be worth going with the test charge for your Hyundai Kona when the time is right - as far as I’m aware it only needs either the charger or the car to be compatible - so could land perfectly!

    I’ve got a Wallbox pulsar plus and a Volvo XC40 recharge, so I think I’m going to test charge the Wallbox instead of the car (edited)
  2. ccnp's avatar
    Been trying to get Octopus to sort me out on their Tesla tariff for close on 3 months. Mostly hopeless company with a big PR front. eMail customer service that takes a week to get even a simple response and ends with blandishments such as 'love and power' just about sums up their smugly attitude.
    MicroManaged's avatar
    If you are with Octopus, I find the best way is to google the tariff you want and follow the sign ups.

    In reality though I would swerve the tesla tariff as they just take over your powerwall and use it as they see fit with you seeing little benefit.

    I was on Go and now on IO and in the winter charge up the powerwall off peak and it sees me through the day until next off peak period. Any excess solar will then go to Eddi or Zappi.

    In the summer i'll switch back to self managed and let the powerwall do its thing.
  3. KP5's avatar
    KP5 Author
    Looks like they’ve removed the new additions - I’ll keep an eye on the app. I imagine they’re going to reappear shortly!

    Edit to add - expiring this, Octopus confirmed it was an error following some system updates. But it certainly seems likely we’ll see some additions soon.

    49342561-IlSrj.jpg (edited)
  4. MicroManaged's avatar
    Speaking of IO

    I signed up in December and was presented with these ambiguous terms:

    People on other forums are saying that it is no longer fixed and they can change the day and off peak rates within the contract. If this is the case then what is "fixed for 12 months" for? Have they forgot to remove it? If so, then I can see some backtracking should they try and increase the rates.

    IIRC this is the exact wording they used for Go which was fixed. Variable rates to me is that you have one rate for day and one rate for off peak, which also varies by region hence them not being able to put the exact prices on a T&C doc.
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