interactive services (premium texts) on my o2 bill?

Found 29th Apr 2008

I transferred to o2 last month and moved my old orange number accross but since I have done this these have started appearing on my bill. Now it's not a massive amount of money but I'm concernede as to what they are & if they are going to keep appearing every week?

Interactive services - received £0.20
Interactive services - sent £1.70

I emailed o2 who said I had requested them & they won't refund them but I havn't even recieved any strange texts let alone asked for them?

Here is o2's reply in full - is there anything I can do and will texting STOP to the shortcode in o2's reply stop them ever coming again or just stop that one company?

Thanks for any help o2's full reply is here but I thought it was a bit dull for most of you to read in full hence the shorter explanation above.....

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Thanks for emailing us about the interactive messages you received and … Thanks for emailing us about the interactive messages you received and sent.The interactive text messages (also known as premium rate text message) include services such as ringtones, jokes, games, tarot, chat and may more.There could be many reasons why you received the premium text messages. You may have registered your details for some online competitions or articles etc. To avoid charges for such services, you'll need to cancel this service by contacting the Service Provider. You can contact the Mobile Interactive Group Limited sending you the interactive messages, on 08450 110 055 and they'll help you further. Calls to this number are charged at 20p per minute from all O2 Pay Monthly mobile phones.You can also simply send a text message with the keyword 'STOP' to the shortcode 83336. This should stop any further messages being received from this shortcode.I'm sorry but we won't be able to refund you with any charges incurred for sending and receiving interactive messages.If you continue to receive text messages from this shortcode, please report this to the governing body PhonepayPlus. You can call them on 0800 500 212. Lines to this number are open Monday to Friday between 08:00am and 06:00pm. They're not available on bank holidays. Calls made to this number are free from all O2 Pay Monthly mobile phones.

same happened to me with "3". Rang um and they said not their problem and wouldnt refund, mine came to £60 cos i never used to check my bill, then a few months ago checked it, went back through them all and they added up to £60 - gone down the drain!!!
wow - thats not good, did they stop once you sent the stop code? I don't realyl see what thats gonna do cuz I've not actually recieved any strange texts anyway - well I have but only from people I know!
I've found out they are from ITV, I have done ITV comps from MSE so maybe it's from that?

They were all mainstream comps though & I didn't expect any contact from them unless I won?

I guess if it's that then they will stop after sending the STOP code as at least they are'a 'decent' company? ish.

Got to watch that if you get a recycled number, you arent signed up to lots of lists already on a "new" number.

My old contract i got with Vodafone, i got texts from folk, and reminder notices for my motorbike insurance :thinking:

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