Interest Free cars on finance

    Afternoon All,

    I'm in need of a new car, so I'm looking into the possibility of getting a car on finance. Ideally I'm looking for an interest free offer.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows of any deals or has a car on finance and what kind of prices their paying.

    Just looking for any advice/information has on this as I've never bought a car on finance.



    Normally, dealerships will offer 0% finance deals only if you put so much down as deposit, normally 50%.

    If it's a second hand car, you could go down the route of getting a credit card with 0% on purchases and buy the car with that.


    Many manufacturers offer 0% finance from time to time. You will generally need a big deposit 20-50% of the cost and the term is normally 3-4 years. Mainly available on new cars, 0% on used cars is a false economy as the price of the car is inflated.

    This is because the finance companies charge the dealer a subsidy for providing 0% on used cars so you are paying for it one way it another.

    kia can do sometimes, and theyre cheap to start with, +7 year warranty aint too bad either

    heard after sales is CR*P with this co

    Was that really worth necroing a year old thread?
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