Interest rates....will they go up soon?

Found 8th Oct 2017
I am currently on 1.74 % tracker (1.49+base) with hsbc.
HSBC currently have 5 year fix at 1.84% fee free.
We dont want to go to another lender as it was a total nightmare getting current mortgage in first sticking with HSBC.

Whilst i dont think interest rates will fall but are they really likely to rise anytime soon?
I know in recent weeks BOE has indicated a rate rise in very short term followed by another.....but they have hinted at rate rises before and they have never happened.

I know there is not a definate answer to this question but just want other opinions.
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I just did mine a couple months back.
Id say lock in as long as you can right now. Just my opinion and nothing more, I think we're in for a rise (or several).
As I say, just my opinion. No right of wrong answer but I'd rather fix and sleep easy.
I'd take that fix. You won't notice the 0.1% increase but you will notice it if rates do go up in min 0.25% increments and they won't go down.
I would take the 5 year fixed myself. The interest rate can't really go much lower, and interest rate increases are definately on the horizon, peace of mind for 5 years sounds like the way to go.
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interest will be rising but slowly. some of the savings rates are already starting to creep up, which is good news for all savers.
Just listened to radio 4 chat where mark carney talks about rate increase…349

He says if our economy continues as is then increase likely in near term......that was before the poor car sales data was known............ towards the end he says he says when and IF the further increases come.....
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It's play your cards right. Higher, lower.. Get nothing for a pair, Not in this game. I would be shouting rates to go higher but not until spring.
I hope you do not have to suffer mortgage interest rates of up to 16% like I had to.
Banks never lose money. Judging by the fixed products for 5 years and more in the market currently it's pretty obvious that the rates aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
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