Interesting article about Trip Advisor

    Just been reading this article on the Telegraph website…tml

    Makes interesting reading about what I have found to be one of the best and most helpful websites around . . .

    Especially liked this bit (written by the reporter) . . . . .

    "Earlier this year, I uploaded a fictitious nine-bedroom guesthouse – the 111 Hotel – using the address of the Telegraph Media Group and a picture of the office canteen. I added a couple of "over-the-top" reviews (with blatant hyperbole and five-star ratings). After 10 days of my constant tinkering it was finally spotted – but it was time enough for it to be rated in London's top 70 guesthouses (out of more than 300) and time enough for an unsuspecting traveller to be potentially duped into parting with a deposit or turning up at an address to be met by someone whose intentions would be unclear. "

    Still the first place I go to check somewhere out if we are thinking of going but as always you need to pay attention



    According to watchdog,hoteliers are about to launch legal action against tripadvisor because people can say anything they like about hotels without offering any proof. I like tripadvisor-use it all the time,but seems the owners of some of the hellholes featured dont like it.

    to be honest i dont take too much notice of sites such as that. They are generally filled with the negative experiences of peoples holidays and whilst i fully appreciate they have the right to air those views, those that have had a good holiday as a rule dont feel the need to tell people about it on such websites LOL!

    Just my personal view

    I like the site and use it a lot, although reviews must be taken with a pinch of salt. Like the ones that down grade hotels because it rained and ruined their holiday......

    Its the first place I look at when looking to book a hotel. Sure there can be dodgy reviews that may be overly negative for no reason or even the owners making fake reviews but if there are tens or hundreds being positive about them then usually a good sign. Have not had a bad experience once by doing this.


    The manager of a hotel I stayed in saw me on my laptop and asked me to … The manager of a hotel I stayed in saw me on my laptop and asked me to leave a good review and to specifically name. Him so he could use it in job applications, I did it as they were fantastic, let me haggle in price and best of all let me check out at 5pm when I had to go for my plane instead of the standard 11am. Also very friendly all week.Have seen some blatant fake reviews though.

    Last week, thanks to Trip Advisor, we are going to be staying in a first class, 5 star hotel when we go to Hollywood in June next year. Long story short...............this hotel is just amazing but way out of our price range ....BIG TIME!! Saw that the manager replied to most of the reviews on Trip Advisor, so I emailed him saying how amazing his hotel was and a whole load of other compliments............then said about how his hotel was out of our budget.

    Ten mins later we got a reply......a wee bit of communicating went on..............and we are now booked into this 5 star hotel with A FREE UPGRADE to the top floor, staying in a corner room with one side looking onto the Hollywood sign and the other onto Hollywood.............all within our original budget

    We are just so mega excited and its a huge thanks to Trip Advisor this happened!!
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    Just left a bad review of the hotel we stayed in in Amsterdam (_;)

    should have looked on TA before booking but it was out of my hands unfortunately
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