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It seems the affiliates are taking the view that the first referrer gets the referral money from a insurance transaction. This means if you do one of those quote comparison searches, like Confused or MoneySupermarket, the cashback goes to them even if you subsequently clear your cookies and click through a cashback site (Quidco, etc) to actually take out the policy.

The only thing we can do from our end is to do each quote manually by clicking through the cashback site, rather than letting a comparison site do it first.
I wonder if the comparison sites had anything to do with this change, because they were loosing out on people getting their system to do the searches and then taking the referral money themselves as cashback.
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Several members have had tracked insurance transactions declined recently, and the feedback we’re getting from the merchants indicates that in the vast majority of these cases, the transactions were declined because they were not valid sales *through Quidco* because commission was paid to another referrer. This is not implying that a particular sale itself wasn’t a real purchase; it is saying that the sale was not referred to the merchant by Quidco.
We cannot stress strongly enough how crucial it is that Quidco be the referrer for the sale in order for us to be paid commission, so we can pass that commission on to the member as cashback.
We have seen advice encouraging folks to use comparison sites to find the lowest insurance quote, then go to a cashback site such as Quidco to make the purchase in order to get cashback on top of the low premium.
We understand that members shop around for the best price, but we must point out that doing this through other sites can lead to problems with Quidco cashback.
When you go through a comparison site, they are hoping to earn commission for your new policy purchase. So when you get a quote, they will track their own transaction to the merchant for that quote. Then if you come to Quidco and buy the policy, our transaction for the purchase also tracks to the merchant. So when the merchant looks at the sale, they see two marketing channels (or more, depending on how many sites were used) competing for the commission on the sale. A marketing channel could be other affiliate link sites, display ads, Google searches or even offer specific URLs. Only one of those channels will be awarded that commission.
Most merchants use software to “de-dupe” transactions in cases like this, where there are numerous marketing channels competing for a commission. The software looks at the sale and decides which channel actually referred the sale, and it declines the other transactions. If it decides that your sale should be attributed to the comparison site, that site will get the commission, and the Quidco transaction will be declined.
If you’re one of the members who have had an insurance transaction recently declined, please ask yourself these questions:
1. Did you go direct through Quidco to the merchant and complete the quote in the same session? Did you complete this quote and take out an active policy?
It’s necessary to both take and complete the quote through Quidco. If you take a quote but are not approved, or if you later finalise the quote over the phone, this will not be eligible for cashback.
2. Did you click through someone’s link to a comparison site (or sites) to shop around for the lowest premium? Did you visit or click links on other finance related sites before visiting Quidco? Or use a search engine to find a comparison site?
If you did any of the above, any or all of those sites may have placed a cookie on your computer, because they all wanted commission for your purchase.
3. Once on the comparison or finance site, did you enter details which could later be matched to your final purchase (address, email address, postcode, etc.)? Did you click through a link on the comparison site to the actual insurer’s site?
Either action may have resulted in the comparison site tracking your sale to the merchant (separate from a cookie and therefore impossible to delete from your end). That sale, then had to be de-duped against the Quidco transaction.
In the above scenarios, the comparison site, or the site you clicked through to get to the comparison site, may have been awarded commission for your purchase.
You can, of course, submit an ]earnings enquiry so the merchant can double-check it. We will need the policy number, date of sale, and type of insurance purchased. Please realise, however, that if it is confirmed that the transaction was one of the ones paid to another referrer, there will be nothing we can do. Merchants do not pay commission twice.
Please see these pages in our Help section for more advice about tracking and transactions: ]About Tracking and Transactions, ]Technical Factors that can affect Cashback Tracking. And if you’re interested in learning more about how merchants use multiple marketing channels for advertising, how those channels can wind up competing for sale commissions and how the decision is made to award the commission, here are some outside links that may be helpful: ]ROI Conversion Tracking, ]PFP Media Hidden Costs (PDF), ]Duplication/Reject practices.
As some one posted in the thread there the best thing to do is this

""The way to do it is do your comparison search, get your quotes and note them, then ignore any quotation numbers/policy numbers shown. Clear everything, better still clear everything and come back the next day, go through Quidco link to the provider, enter all your details again and get a new, fresh quote.""
TBH, I always, even before I learnt about Quidco, used the comparision sites to find the best deal and then see if I get a cheaper quote going through different comparision sites and then finaly the insurance companys website. It's suprising the differencies you find!
I know it is a zombie thread but i use m t test with a neighbouring address and not known vehicle ref when I use the comparison websites to keep my details 'clean' when buying with cashback.
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