interior door fitting

    Any carpenters out there who can put 6 interior doors on for me,other tradesman keeps letting me down.Bilston/Wolverhampton area.Let me know a price need doing soon doing my head in, i have all the doors and handles already.Cheers


    I sympathise, I had exactly the same problem. Carpenters kept promising to turn up to do it but never did. Internal door hanging dnt bring them much money so small jobs they dnt bother with. I got so upset being let down i got my uncle to do it!! Hes no carpenter but he did mighty fine!!

    Put ad in local paper, Wanted handy man who can fit my internal doors. You may have an unemployed carpenter etc who would like to earn some cash. Cheap as chips

    If ya want to pay my taxi fare from liverpool :thumbsup:

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    I know what you mean bean promised twice then excuses come later or they dont turn up, ill have to try an add if nothing comes up.

    hi, our friend fits doors, he said he would do this for a cost of £180 and could be done on any saturday to suit you (unless he has another job on ).

    if you are interested then please let me know and i can get his details to you.

    Hate fitting doors!

    People buy 1 for £15 and complain when it costs more to fit than it was to buy it.


    Try [url][/url]
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