Interlinked mains powered CO/Heat/Smoke Alarms & Detectors

Posted 8th Nov 2020
I'm after some mains powered heat/smoke/CO alarms/detectors which will be inter-linked across the house.

However, I'm struggling to find exactly what I am after from one manufacturer.

For example, if I go for products from BRK, I can get:

Mains powered heat alarm only: 690MBX
Mains powered smoke alarm only: 670MBX
Mains powered smoke & CO alarm: Not available
Mains powered CO alarm only: Not available

Unfortunately, BRK don't do a combined mains powered smoke/CO alarm or a mains powered CO alarm only so I could get around this by installing a separate mains powered smoke alarm and separate mains powered CO alarm.

If I do this, then the mains powered CO alarm would have to be from a different manufacturer.

So, my question is, could I interlink BRK products with products from another manufacturer and would all the units sound in unison when one is activated or would the fact that one unit is from another manufacturer potentially cause an issue?

(As an aside, you don't seem to be able to get combined mains smoke/CO alarms - you can get combined mains heat/CO alarms though).
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