Intermittent data issues with the new Virgin Mobile purple sim cards?

Found 24th Mar 2018
We've been experiencing intermittent data issues with the new purple sim cards that virgin mobile are issuing to customers! Such as delayed WhatsApp messages, no Internet and Gmail not downloading etc. Only way to resolve is to put phone in and out of airplane mode or reboot the phone, then the Internet works fine again. If you don't do this, then the next time you get a WiFi connection everything fires through at once!!!

This has been happening for well over a month and vm are still to fix.

We've been with them for years and currently looking to move due to the issues.

Everything worked brilliantly with the old red sim cards but not with the new purple sim cards unfortunately.

Just wondering if any brand new customers are affected or if its only existing customers that have been moved from an old red sim to the new purple sim.…lse
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It sucks to be with an MVNO when issues happen Are they trying to blame you
Yeah pretty much! Hopefully they will sort it if enough people complain!
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