internal card reader with usb

i know this a bit hard to find bit does anyone know where i can get a internal card reader for the pc. it needs to have a usb as well. preferably two. also has to be a white/beige colour ive had a look on ebay but they all only have one usb port of the front.

this is kinda what i want but with two usb ports and needs to be WHITE.


any ideas.


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cheers, but those are exactly the same ones on ebay but cheaper. i was really looking for two usb port on the front. ive searched ebay and many websites but theyre very very hard to find.

thanx anyway

What about the Trust CR-3300 Media Connect Bay (14339)

Cheapest I found was this one sold here...

But looking on froogle there seems to be loads of places selling (just watch the delivery charge)


As you will see they all say 42 in stock. This is because they don’t physically have it but will direct ship it from the manufacture (also explaining the high delivery costs)

Having 2 USB ports on the front of a card reader does not exist. This is because the Card Reader Bay connects directly to the motherboard. Each USB connector on the board gives you 2 USB ports. In this case one us used by the Card Reader and the other is spare so is used as an extra port.

Hope that makes sense - if not then say and i will try and explain better!

Hope this helps...

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thanks for that gary_rip,
but u say having 2 usb ports on the front is not possible. i have bought the one shown below. so how will this one work?? (see picture) any ideas


heres my motherboard

it has 2 usb (9pin) connections on the board itself. hasnt got firewire, but i have a pci firewire card which has a internal port on it so i can connect the card reader device shown above to it

That’s a pretty good find!

Well it looks like the both the cables on the left are USB. So it has 2 USB connections. Which are able to make 3 extra ports.

That should work fine with the board you have!

Hope all goes well.
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