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Im hoping to get a return flight from glasgow to london, my passprt has run out and i dont have enuff time to renew it.

I have a provisional DL but thats it, i dont know if this is acceptable and was wondering if any1 could point me in the right direction to what i will need!


A valid driving licence with photo is ONLY acceptable photo ID for travel on domestic flights within the UK and domestic flights within the Republic of Ireland.

Think it has to be a full licence i'm afraid.

You shouldn't need a passport for domestic flights and may be ok with just some form of ID. The only way to be sure is to phone the airline and ask as they all have different policies. Some require one and some don't. :thumbsup:

I used my provisional fine, It normally depends on the airline though, So it would be best to ring/email and find out.

On domestic flights it either has to be a passport or a photo driving licence that is produced, not sure whether or not they will take a provisional licence. It can vary from airline to airline, best thing to do is check with the airline you are flying with. Which airline is it?

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What i quoted was from the ryanair site


I fly on occasion from Prestwick to Stansted with Ryanair and have seen people turned away and not allowed to travel as they do not have the correct form of ID.

Emasu has posted the correct information regarding Ryanair

You could always ask if they'll accept the old passport with the provisional.

If a passport is used as ID it has to be valid
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