Internal IDE 5400 120 GB(+) 3.5in


    I'm looking for a hard drive upgrade for a thomson DHD4000 freeview box as cheap as possible.

    I don't know if the freeview box can support 7200 RPM, but i'm told these drives run hotter and are a bit more noisy.. that a 5400 would be fine and would be cooler...

    Don't really need additional capacity as the Freeview box carn't see any additional 'capacity', but if its cheaper then why no ;-)

    The drive in the box now is a Seagate Barracuda 40GB.

    Ebay seams to be the cheapest at the moment, but i've seen the odd drive come up as a deal... just wondered if anyone had noticed any 'clearance/liquidation' stock anywhere?



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    Actually you're better off with a 5400 drive for Sky + boxes. The 7200 ones can have a longer spin-up time which causes errors because the Sky+ box won't wait long enough for them to spin-up. Dunno if the rule applies to your freeview box though.
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