Internal vs External!!

    i have a ide/sats mobo and am looking for a 320gb+ hdd!

    dunno weather to go internal or external!

    do they vary in speed?

    i think id prefer an internal as its hidden but how do you tell how good they are

    i have looked at the hot deals and founs the ebuyer ones for £55 ect


    Internal would have a faster transfer speed...

    Internal: Usually way quieter, faster. Go for a Seagate or a Maxtor and these days you won't go wrong. SATA has a slight speed advantage.
    External: Loud (may have fans) as not muffled by your PC case, needs a extra power supply and USB/Firewire connection (more cables) - but much more portable and easier to move around between PCs. Good for backups as it is not strictly part of the PC when switched off (power surges, etc).

    SATA is roughly 3x times faster than USB 2.0.

    I think USB 2.0 is about 450 kbits/sec and SATA is 1.5gbits/sec

    I transferred 4gb over USB 2.0 this morning and it took just over 15 minutes...

    If you're going to be constantly writing to the drive go for SATA. If you just want more storage space an external USB drive will be fine...

    You could try an esata, but you do pay a bit over the odds for new technology
    try this thread:thumbsup: only 300gb though:-(…ata

    actually greg, SATA and SATAII are tbh a bit of a lie, the speed it runs at is the speed the disk head moves at, therefor the speed for SATA is actually a therotecal maximum and will not even proably reach tht speed

    internal is great if you dont need to transport the data, easy to install, not seen etc... and plus you have to pay a bit more for external for the casing etc

    push the boat out and get this one..silent and reliable...I have had every make of HDD and IMO these are the…spx

    I have a seagate 400gb external hardrive. no problem with transfer speeds or noise. the only advantage is If I need to take files to another computer. I unplug it and take it with, saves transfer times
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