International Drive Orlando - can you recommend anywhere cheap or good for kids?

Found 16th Apr 2014
We're staying on International Drive but would like places to go that are cheap/good for eating out? Any activites you would recommend and is there lots of local supermarkets for picnic stuff to take into Disney?
Already been recommended to get the Lynx system to get around rather than the i-trolley but any tips would be handy!!!
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go to Walmart day before Disney I think its Lynx 51
Theres a good Chicken food place on opposite road to the Mcdonalds, better value then the KFC and get as many free mags, papers and leaflets, they usually in the voyer of hotel they full of coupons, kids eat free virtually everywhere, plus go to the Orlando visitor centre by Subway on International Drive they will give you kids eat free list and you can buy discount bus cards for Lynx and Itrolley

Get yourself to Wendy's on international drive all you can eat for a set price but watch the drinks they are extra. Don't forget to tip or they will chase you down
Loads to do! When you arrive you will see places to eat, without being advised, eg, McDonalds has a massive play area that your kids will not want to leave. The shopping malls (not outlets) have cheap restaurants,stores for picnic, entertainment at night. Lots of crazy golf places. Believe me you will not be stuck for things to do and places to eat on a tight budget.
Definitely take a picnic to the parks, be discreet, not supposed to! You will have to buy loads of drinks to stop dehydration, buy one at a time and share amongst kids, drinks warm up so quickly, therefore take drinking bottles.
Don't stress you will love it, The competition amongst the restaurants for your business is crazy. Look at leaflets in foyers of hotel and other places, loads of discount coupons in them, Americans do love their discount coupons.
Have a wonderful time, take lots of photo's, your going on a holiday that will be filled with happy memories x
cici's pizza all you eat buffet, even the desserts great for the kids
Thanks everyone! I'm gonna come back well fat ;O)
For drinks take plastic water bottles which you can fill for free and drinking fountains in the parks
Oooo brill idea! Might buy some of that robinsons concentrate squash too that's advertised on tele if my free sample doesn't arrive soon
I second Cicis Pizza
Cicis is also currently on Groupon too!!!
We liked to go to Sizzler for breakfast. Think it was around $5 all you can eat breakfast, would sort you out for most of the day. Definitely go to a Wall mart I think a 20min drive much cheaper then local shops on International Drive. A few places to eat on International Drive McDonalds, Ihop, Burger King, Chuck E Cheese's, Denny's, Red Lobster, TGI Fridays, Pirates Dinner Adventure and many many more just have to take a walk/drive up and down and see what suits your needs.
been a few years since i was there,but i do remember going out for breakfast a few times and asking for things like toast and egg,which for instance cost me $3...but a full breakfast with toast and egg included cost the same,i got very strange looks as well as i wasnt a big eater,by the end of my 3 weeks there i had well adapted to the American way of eating though,was much cheaper...dont forget to use the coupons which are outside shops in bin type stands,they had money off just about everything,as well as good tourist advice/directions etc...kids wont be stuck for things to do..if anything,they will be exhausted...and if your anything like me,you'll need a holiday when you come back lol...have a blast!
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