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    I am looking for a good rate international mobile phone contract, preferrably one where I don't have to pay a fortune to recieve calls in other countries. I only really need a SIM card but anyone know of any deals would be great.


    where are you travelling ?

    o2 have scrapped roaming rates in europe. its only 35p to make a call home and you dont pay to recieve calls.

    this though i think is only on tariffs of £35 p/m or more

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    I am in Asia at the moment, I heard a rumour O2 were no longer charging for to recieve international call, but emailing them has proved totally impossible to get any information.

    i work for them so the info im giving is good is that what you wanted to query with them ?

    I thought the Europe roaming offer was for any O2 customer but charged at an extra fiver a month? And its a slow rollout, last i heard was only in spain for now...…ces

    they seem to have adjusted the recieve a call cost now to 28p p/m itsh its otherwise its 35p p/m

    I would call customer svcs and double check
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