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Hi All
My sister and a group of friends are going to Malaysia for a month, does anyone know of any SIM only packages which offer the following:
1. They can call and text each other cheaply while out there
2. It's free for them to receive calls from the UK.
3. It's not too costly for callers to call from the UK
I've been looking at GOSIM but none of their packages offer free incoming calls to Malaysia plus GOSIM to GOSIM calls while in Malaysia are a whopping 59p/min and texts 22p each.
Any info or advice would be appreciated?



Try skype on three network, your friends also need a skype phone to receive texts and calls for free.

just use the uk mobiles and deal with the bill on return.

I was in sri lanka last year and i was charged 1.75 a min outgoing to uk and 1.50 incoming

I came home to a 400 quid bill.

infact tell them not to do that when i think about it.
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